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Sunday, July 12, 2015

post #2

So today on the way home I stopped by Home Depot to pick up a few tools for work. Amongst the tools I picked up, one of them was a 6" Crecent adjustable wrench (AC26CVS) which I bought to replace my Raptor adjustable wrench (RAP18007).

Here's the picture of the wrenches, top is the Crecent, bottom is the Raptor. Yes, these are the chinese Crescents that are on shelves now. As for the Raptor, it was a gift and I'm actually not sure where  it's made.

Long story short. My god, the Crescent is garbage. The whole wrench rattles, the knob isn't centered and the knob keeps getting jammed. The Raptor is about 7 years old and I use it at least twice a week and has worked like butter since day one, and still does.

Would I ever purchase another Crescent product? NOPE. Next time I want a new wrench I will just spend the extra dollar and get one from Wright Tools.

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