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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Here's a little info for all the idiots in JK Wranglers that go on the beach. Specifically the guys who have the 3.8L (2007-2011) mated with the 42RLE tranny. I'm sure most of you; not knowing any better, cruise around the beach in 4Hi thinking everything is fine and dandy, occasionally seeing that your engine temp is rising and think it's normal because it's the summer and the sand is hot.

I've argued with people many times that they should be in 4Lo when on the beach; of course they never believe me. So to save my own breath, here is the mathematical reason...

 63360" x 5 miles = 316,800"

316,800inch/60 minutes = 5280" per minute

5280/109.9 = 48.04 tire rotations per minute

48.04 x 3.73 *axle ratio in most Saharas* = 179.18 driveshaft rotations/minute

179.18 x 2.84 *1st gear in the 42RLE* = 508 rpm (not accounting for the difference between the torque converter and input shaft)

 508RPM, if you cant understand what is wrong with that number then you're an idiot and I hope your vehicle catches on fire on the beach because you're a dumbass. This can be applied to many motors, depending on how much power the engine makes; for some engines like high powered V8's it wont matter as much, because even at low RPM's they can still make enough power to move the vehicle along without working at 100%. But for little V6 engines like JK's, you're going to have a bad time

sorry for the rant, there's more to come.

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