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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Post #4 "Build threads"

Like most of you, I frequent Jeep forums; mainly for information on certain things i'm not sure of or to get ideas.

Then you have the "build thread" whores. They know nothing, listen to nothing, and love their smittybilt fenders. They post a build thread with a stupid name like "The Punisher Build" or...hold on, let me look..."ROCK CRAWLER JK BUILD!". Usually when you look at these build threads you see the list of parts that the person got which usually consist of; titanic sized front and rear bumpers, Fox steering stabilizer (if you know, then you know), 1 or 2...or 3 Rigid LED bars (you know, gotta make sure you can see at night), some cheesey aluminum wheels, spacers (because they dont know wtf backspacing is) and the most aggressive mud tires you can find...oh yeah, and a Rough Country, or Skycrapper lift. Need to make sure you have everything you need to be a rock crawler!...oh, and don't forget to paint your suspension parts some obnoxious color.

I've noticed a very consistent pattern with build thread names, the ones that have a crazy name like "Punisher JK build" or have the word "rockcrawler" anywhere in the title never live up to the 30+ page build thread of nothingness...then you have the build threads titled "junkyard JK build"...THAT one you want to click on, because I guarantee that guy knows what he wants/needs and it'll be a sick build. It takes a veteran with knowledge to put junkyard 60 and V8 into another vehicle...

...and up next, girls who are into jeeps!...or cars in general

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