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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Post #5 Car-girls

This may be an extremely unpopular opinion, but I never understood the fascination of girls who are into cars. I've been in the car scene long enough to see my fair share of car-girls...and the groups of guys behind them with their wangs out drooling, metaphorically speaking. Fantastic, you're into cars, shes into cars, you probably think you have a chance to get laid; but you dont...okay, moving on.

I do not dislike car-girl and I'm not sexist, calm down. Of all the car-girls I've met, maybe only 1% actually had the slightest real clue about whats going on with their vehicle. The other 99% have the same amount of mechanical knowledge as that 17 year old boy down the block painting his stock wheels black. And if you took away the boobs, butt, and cute face you'll realize it's just another clueless person who claims that they are into cars and the deepest knowledge of their vehicles would be what brand rock-rails they want (jeep ref.). Whenever I see a girl (no names will be mentioned) post on facebook about her car/truck, I see a million guys jump on to comment saying how great her vehicle is and her ideas on her mods should get her a Nobel Prize; even though whatever she writes is completely retarded with no foundation of knowledge (I dont hold back, I say it as it is). Hell, if a guy wrote that we'd make sure he knows how retarded he is because he thinks his 3.73 gears and 35's are fine in his JK; which they are not, and if you think that then you should be treated with equal insults, man or woman.

Ever see a girl make a list of the parts she wants for her Jeep? It goes something like this;
  • Poison Spyder this
  • Poison Spyder that
  • Poison Spyder thinga-ma-bob
  • Shittybilt bumper with obnoxious stinger
  • Shittybilts shitty tire carrier
  • Some over-priced fender flairs
  • A lift that may or may not be shitty depending who she listened to
  • A 35"-37"mud-terrain; it wont be shitty because she just looks at what everyone uses already (MTR)
  • Expensive Aluminum wheels that look cool
  • Overpriced Fox Steering Stabilizer that she will eventually get rid of when she finds out the Jeep pulls to the left.
  • Rigid LED bar...or 2...or 3

Pretty much everything is cosmetic; lift and tires are arguable, but that's the "look". Anyway, total disregard about how the vehicle is going to move the Jeep on those tires, or how it's going to even steer. If that were a guy, we'd be making fun of him day in and day out about how he has no idea what he is doing; but if it's a girl, suddenly that thing is ride-of-the-month on some forum. So, no, I'm not sexist; whether you're a dude or a chick, if you have no clue what you're doing, then you have no clue. No excuses.

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