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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Post #7 "wheeling 102 continued..."

Spotters. Actually, not really the spotters specifically. Were you ever in a tight spot on a trail and while you're trying to listen to you spotter, there are two or three more people trying to spot you to? Yea, don't be those people. One spotter at a time, if you feel the spotter isn't seeing what you're seeing, let him/her know. There is no need to try to spot and confuse the person driving, it's annoying as shit. Imagine looking for parking and you have three passengers all pointing out different parking spot yelling over each other...yeah it's like that.

Keen, NH
Drivers, listen to your fuckin' spotter. He sees what you don't.

here's an example. I was just looking at the rig behind me though
The head-pokers/quarter drivers. The guys who stick their head out the window and stare at their front drivers side tire as they are navigating an obstacle. Put your damn head back in the window, first of all, you're only looking at 1 of 4 tires, so that whole method is a bust. Second, you can't see whats in front of you; and if you can, it's just whatever is on your left. What's even worse? When someone is spotting you and you stick your head out the window and don't listen to a word the spotter says because according to your quarter-field of vision you're fine. I'm not saying you cant stick your head out the window to see whats going on, just dont do it and think you can be your own spotter because you can see your drivers side tire.

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