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Monday, July 27, 2015

Post #8 "know your rig

Know your vehicle.

 I'm not telling you to be able to piece together your rig blind folded. But you should know the basics of your vehicle, like I said, nothing crazy. Even if you're not mechanically inclined, you should know the parts of your vehicle so if things go south, at least you know WHAT is wrong, and if you can't fix it someone else can.

On a recent trip, one of the guys started complaining that his ABS light and traction-control lights were on because his steering wheel wasn't centered after wheeling. I told him how to recenter the wheel so the lights would go off which was to just loosen the two 15mm nuts on the draglink turn buckle and adjust it until the wheel was straight. His response to that was "oh I can't do that, I'll just bring it to ******"...really? You would rather drive 4 hours like that from Rausch back to NYC with a crooked steering wheel and trouble lights on your dash instead of trying to fix the problem? For all those that own Jeeps with stock draglinks, you know how simple that procedure is.

 Earlier in the day in the parking lot, this was the same guy using a lump hammer to try to disconnect his swaybar links. I watched him for a couple of seconds trying to make a clean swing at the link behind his tire until I offered to let him use my prybar, he responded "no I got it"...of course I watched the cave man-like attempt for a couple of seconds again until I went and just got my bar. One, two, both links off with the pry bar...very simple, very the way; after prying this guys swaybar loose I turn around and see another person in the group make failed attempts at hammering off his links...brings me to my next tip...or rant.

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