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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Post #9 "dont be a douche"

I don't care if you have a buggy or a mildly built daily driven Jeep, everyone was a newby at one point or another. And as long as you're into wheeling and part of clubs, you will meet others who never have wheeled before or have very little experience and will want to join your group on a trail ride; given that the trails are at a level they can wheel. When you are wheeling with guys and know they dont have, or have little experience, don't be a douche. I know I sound like that douchey guy when you guys read my posts, but I would never make a new guy do stuff I feel he/she cant or speed through a rocky area I know they may have trouble with. Whenever I lead I always make sure no one is having trouble, and always make sure everyone is through an obstacle before I move, almost seems like common courtesy. Don't be that cocky guy that needs to show the new guys that you can out do them at something they've never done, that's not how wheeling works.

I was invited by one of my buddies once to go wheeling in Jersey and we were to meet up with locals that were familiar with the spot. At this point I'd still consider myself fairly new and a cautious wheeler. Long story short, the lead guy ended up being a jersey redneck wannabe douche. Of course he had the most built rig out of everyone and he would just speed along as fast as he could, with no regard for anyone behind him. At one point I radio'd over for them to wait up because I was falling behind uncomfortably far, and he just said "for what?" addition to that, in the middle of the day after a few hours of wheeling, suddenly the line up stopped in the middle of the trail, out of curiosity I radio'd on the CB asking why we were stopped, his answer was "what do you wanna know?". Turns out he was stopping to eat, of course not telling anyone. So yea, don't be a douche. Guy never said a word to anyone the entire day except for his passenger.

note the douchy deer skull tattoo and douchy camo attire
Funny, I was looking through my pictures on my computer and found a picture of that trip, which is what sparked this article. The guy is the text book jeep douche bag. He even had a big "REDNECK" decal on his hood where "Rubicon" is supposed to be written. You know what, if he were a nice trail guide I really wouldn't give a shit about what sticker is on his jeep or how retarded he looks in kids size camo shorts with his deer skull tattoo. Being a douche and thinking you're a big shot in front of newer guys is stupid.

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