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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Offroading in NY causing smug

adjective: smug; comparative adjective: smugger; superlative adjective: smuggest
having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements.

Seem like in the recent months, the local offroading community has become a victim of smug. I believe there are some key events that have led to this smug problem, but I won't mention any specifics as some individuals may become butthurt. I remember when I first started wheeling and meeting more and more people from the offroading community, young and old, guys new like me and some veterans, everyone got along. Fast forward...

These once new wheelers now are finally all grown up with better paying jobs (or a better line of credit) and are finally able to afford bigger and better thing like tow rigs, daily drivers, being part of organized offroad clubs, etc. Since all this has happened, this big dark cloud seems to have grown and lingered over the local offroad community. It seems like even newer guys that haven't been doing it that long have somehow developed a smug problem. Social media is partially to blame since it magnifies the problem by 100x. Maybe everyone is in on a competition that I don't know about, after all, I wasn't around for a year or so. I'll end it here before I go into details

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mishimoto install and review

since the JK is creeping up to 50k I figured it's time to flush the coolant, and since I'm doing that I might as well change my pump, thermostat, and radiator.
first things first, grill off.
 The whole install took about 2:30-3hrs, between when I popped the grill off to when I turned the key.

fan shroud off

radiator unbolted from condenser

the four 8mmmm bolts holding the condenser to the radiator are a pain in the dick to get off, and even worse to get back on.

side by side, OEM vs Mishimoto. There was nothing wrong with my OEM radiator, just felt like upgrading since I've been eyeing that radiator for a long time.

OEM water pump next to a Crown pump. The OEM pump uses a plastic impeller. There was nothing wrong with my water pump...actually, there wasn't anything wrong with anything I was changing. The main concern was the coolant, all the new parts were just a bonus.

almost there

all done and ready to go

So since I'm making this post weeks after it's been installed I can actually give decent information on how it's running. To make it simple, it works as expected; in a way the radiator is overkill for a stock engine. With the stock radiator, the temperature would hold steady at around 204 on the highway. Wi the Mishimoto radiator it holds 194 and on cold days it actually ran at around 192. Cold is good but not too cold since heat dissipated is energy lost, which is potential power lost. But that's a whole other can of worms. Until next time